Интерфейс приложения

The most delicious dating app

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How does it work?

Девушка с вкусностями

Choose 3 favorite places

Find your favorite
bars, cafes and restaurants.

Парень и девушка общаются через приложение

You already know where to invite

Look for each other and invite to your
favorite bars, cafes and restaurants.

Интерфейс с приглашениями и сообщениями

Send invitations or reciprocate

Hurry up! Invitation will disappear in 24 hours.

Интерфейс принятия приглашения

Communicate only with those you
are interested in

Users will be able to write you only if you accept their invitation.

Чат в приложении. Назначают встречу

When do you meet?

Just make an appointment and happiness will come.

Everything starts with Firstep!
And your favorite places

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